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Can I call the Sheriff’s Office to report a problem and still remain anonymous?

Yes you can. There is no requirement to give your name and address when making a call to the Sheriff’s Office.  However, it is extremely helpful if the responding deputy has someone to contact either in person or by phone to get more specific information to effectively address the problem.

Many times deputies respond to an anonymous call about an incident and either cannot find the origin of the problem with the information given or the situation changes prior to their arrival, but they have no way of knowing it.  This can result in frustrated deputies and the citizen feeling that the Sheriff’s Office didn’t do anything about their complaint.

We realize that in some circumstances, a person may not want neighbors to know they have called the police and they don’t want an officer to come to their door.  However, something as simple as a phone number by which to reach the complainant can make a significant difference in whether a situation is corrected, or goes undiscovered or unidentified.  You merely inform the call taker that you do not wish to be contacted in person but that the officer may call you if they need more information.

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