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As required by Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 589.400, the Callaway County Sheriff's Office maintains a list of convicted offenders residing in Callaway County who are required to register under Section 589.400 RsMo. This list is a public service to the community. The Callaway County Sheriff's Office strives to keep the information on this site accurate. Some offenders have moved and failed to notify local law enforcement as required by law.

The information posted on this site is for information purposes only. All information should be verified by a law enforcement agency and should not be considered anything more than an informational list.

Callaway County Sex Offender List

Adams Don W.
605 Atkinson Rd.

Statutory Sodomy 2nd Degree

Allen Jr. Homer L.
4700 Co. Rd. 135

Statutory Rape 1st Degree x3

Andrade John M.
6260 Co. Rd. 108

Ashenbremer Steven W.
5732 Co. Rd. 173

Sexual Misconduct 1st

Ashing Mary E.
1397 State Rd. O

Statutory Rape 1st x2

Barham Roy D.
5369 Co. Rd. 204

Sexual Abuse/Sodomy

Beck Maurice L.
3489 Settlers Rd.

Child Molestation 1st

Belisle John D.
7635 Branch Rd.

Statutory Sodomy 1st

Berg 2nd Donald J.
9810 State Rd. AE
New Bloomfield

Statutory Rape 2nd Degree

Berry Markus J.
1397 State Rd. O

Statutory Sodomy 2cts 1st Degree

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